Rear Defogger Guards for Suzuki Jimny 2018-2020

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These Rear Defogger Guards protect the exposed rear windscreen heater wires and plugs on the latest Suzuki Jimny that can easily be damaged by loading/unloading bulky items or by luggage moving around while driving.

They are supplied with double-sided tape already installed and simply stick over the top of the exposed plugs and wires.

Supplied as a pair (you will receive 1x left-hand side Rear Defogger Guard and 1x right-hand side Rear Defogger Guard).

All Rear Defogger Guards are dispatched from our office here in the UK. Worldwide shipping is available.

Suitable for 2018+ Suzuki Jimny (JB64/JB74) models only. Compatible with RHD (right-hand drive) and LHD (left-hand drive) models.

Please note: this product is not compatible with Genuine Suzuki Jimny Sunshade Set 990E0-78R20-000