8936 Suzuki Jimny (Yellow) 1/12 Scale 2WD RTR Monster Truck Q-Series

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8936-QM2- CEN Racing Suzuki Jimny (Yellow) 1/12 Scale 2WD RTR Monster Truck Q-Series


ESC -40A WP-1040-Brushed (Powered by HOBBYWING)

-Water-proof and dust-proof for all weather.

-Built-In Capacitor Module.

-Automatic throttle range calibration.

-Low voltage cut-off protection for Li-Po (lithium polymer) and NiMH battery.

-Over-Heat protection and throttle signal loss protection.

-Easily programmed with jumpers.


-RS-540High Torque Motor

-Powered By Mabuchi Motor.


-6Kg Servo O.E.M. by Savox. 4.8V 0.16 sec/60° 4.2 kg-cm 6.0V 0.14 sec/60° 6.5 kg-cm 25T Horn Gear Spline

Radio System

- Pistol-Grip Mod-3S 3 Channel Transmitter

- Digital Trimming

- Steering Dual-Rate (ST D/R) Adjustment

- End Point Adjustment (EPA)

- Build in Failsafe

- Power Alarm Transmitter Model: 82190 Frequencies: 2.4GHz Weight: 375gm Power Supply: 4 AA Alkaline Dry Cells DC 6V

-Receiver Receiver Model: G82191 Frequency: 2.4GHz Power Supply: DC 4.8~6.0V Chassis:

-DVP (Dual Vertical Plate) Chassis Design

-Sealed Receiver Compartment

-Easy Access/Quick Release Battery Tray

-Battery Tray Size 146x50x25mm -

Adjustable Wheelie Bar Ready (w/Ball Bearing)

-Full Precision Ball Bearing Support

-Adjustable Turnbuckles

-Harden Steel Steering Drag Link

-Fully Equipped with Allen Hex Screws

-Adjustable Body Post

-High Torque Servo Horn Safer -Optional 4-Wheel Steering Design Suspension:

-Big Bore Oil Filled Coil Over Shocks

-Aluminum Shock Caps

-10mm over size shock body with 3mm hardened steel polished shaft.

-Stiff Hard Racing Spring

-Fixed Wheelbase -Ride Height

-Adjustable with pre-load

-Realistic 4-Link Suspension design Drivetrain:

-2 Wheel Drive.

-Center Shaft Drive Train for more power transferred to the wheels.

-Hight Efficient Transmission System.

-Wide Range Easy Changeable Gear Box Design.

-Sealed transmission eliminates dirt and dust substances to get in.

-Sealed Axle housing. -5mm Hardened Steel Axle shaft. -Differential Metal Center Locker Front/Rear Planetary Gear Type

-Ring & Pinion 30/15T. Specs: Item Number: 8930-QM2-Suzuki Jimny (Stock Yellow)

Length: 11inch (280mm) Width: 10.60inch (270mm) Wheelbase: 8.2inch (210mm) Ground Clearance: 2.6inch 65mm