2019+ Suzuki Jimny Tow Bar

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These Tow Bar kits tuck nicely up under the rear bumper, ideal if you plan on using your Jimny to cross some rough terrain. 

These are designed for off-road use. They don't affect the rear departure angle (in fact they help protect the rear bumper!) and they include two recovery points. This is a very effective way to add rear recover points to your Jimny, and essential addition if you plan on getting off the public roads.

These are entirely a bolt-on unit, no welding or cutting required. 

Doesn't come with a tow ball or shackles.

The tow bar is not certified or tow rated, here in NZ the tow rating is set by the vehicle manufacturer.
Made for a 50mm towball tongue. 
The towbar kit weighs 13kg. Doesn't include any wiring harness.